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Application notice for KZ32B

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Using the tool correctly and reasonably can make the strapping tool function well and extent the life span.Noticing the following matters during operation:

1. Compressing air

When the compressed air with water and impurities enter the machine, they may cause corrosion and anfressen. So the air pipeline should equip with air filter. The working pressure is among 0.49-0.63Mpa. The tension force changes with the pressure. Using pressure regulating valve to fix the pressure when the tension force needed had been confirmed.

2. Lubrication

The tension part of the machine consist of pneumatic motor and idle gear. So the machine need lubricating regularly.Filling the lubricator with 22# steam and the drop rate is 40-60 drop/min. If several drops lubricating oil can be filled into the machine before operation, the machine will run smoothly. The oiling machine and air filter should be cleaned every 6 month by kerosene.

3. Maintenance of the machine

(1) Please note that the interval between the feed wheel and the clutch wheel should be 0.1-0.3mm so that can ensure the tension force. Using the screw spike can adjust the interval.

(2) Keeping a proper quantity of lubricating oil in turning or rolling parts during the operation. Using the wire brush to eliminate the iron fillings on the feed wheel regularly.