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How to maintain the strapping tool?

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We should carefully read the operating manual and understand it before we use the strapping tool. If any thing can’t understand, you can consult our professional technician. Only doing this can you better use and maintenance of the strapping tools

Cleaning:  Strapping tools are used many times after brought, so we should keep it clean. And there should be no dirt on their surface, if there are dirt, we should clean them as soon as possible and we should take the cleaning tools when at work, if not, we should use clean cotton cloth to delete the dirt. 

Relax Fasteners : In the using process of the strapping tool, some spare parts will loose. So we should prepare for the tools to check them so as to avoid loose. And we should often check the spare parts who are easy to loose and check regularly spare parts who are difficult to loose, or the wear will happen and will damage the strapping tool.

Lubrication: We should regularly add some lubricating oil to some spare parts inside the strapping tool and select the professional lubricating oil