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Application notice for KCL32C/KCS32C

2015/8/24 13:42:45CLICK :

1. Filling the lubricator with22# steam turbine oil to keep a quantity of lubricating oil in the motor and the cylinder when the motor is running. The oil must drop through the lubricator at a rate of 40-60 drops per minute. If 20g lubricating oil can be filled into the tool directly before daily operation, the operation will be successful. Clean the lubricator and the filter with kerosene at least one time in six months during operation.

2. Adjusting the air pressure within the range of 0.49-0.63Mpa to obtain enough air pressure, otherwise the the bundling quantity will be affected.

3.Please note that the interval between the feed wheel and the clutch wheel should be 0.1mm-0.3mm, otherwise, it should be adjusted.

4. During the operation, keep a quantity of lubricating oil in turning or rolling parts. Eliminating the iron filings on the feed wheel in time.

5.Check the filter and the regulating valve regularly. Drain the water from the filter regularly.