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How to identify the quality of the packing belt which belongs to recycled materials

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1. Luster: Good luster is better than no luster, the so-called luster is born with material, like people’s color, is the color of the material surface.

2. Color: Any band who are transparent is better than opaque, no matter what color.

3. Using teeth to bite: to experience the strength of the new material PP by yourself, them comparing, if relatively soft, it must be added some PE.

4. See the cut section:  If there are rough dry and no luster for the Section , the material quality is bad.

5. Floating: As long as there is difference for the aqueous, if the above statement is still not sure, or undecided, the best way is to test machine. My personal opinion is that no matter good or bad of the tapes, it should be identified through the machine, because this is the safest. Other materials can be applied the above way, of course, we should have to understand the nature of the new material first.

6. Odor: Using fire engine ignited and blew out them after three seconds, smell its smoke and identify material differences between tape material and the new PP,  it should take note that toners of some colors have a heavy taste, which will cover parts flavor of the PP, don’t worry, We still have other ways.

7.Wire Drawing: After blowing the fire,using the iron objects quickly to contact with the melt, and then quickly blown up to check whether the forming wire is uniform or not, if uniform, it is a good material, after several times, overlap the wire, then draw back to check whether they are elasticity, if they are not broken or being pulled back, then they are good material.

8.If something in the above can not be confirmed, please use the fire  again.It is not a good material, if there are black smoke rising from the burning or the fusant drops.