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Common malfunctions and solutions for KZ32B

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It is very important to take proper measures to find out and solve the abnormal Operations caused by the abrasion of components and careless operation.

1. Air feed




steel tape can’t be tensioned, locked and cut

low pressure

The air pressure should exceed 0.49Mpa

the displacement of air compressor is too low

 Improve the displacement of the air compressor

The air pipe connected to the machine is too long (exceed 6m), which cause the lack of air flow

Equipped with branch pipe(Φ≥15mm) and ensure the length of the pipe is less 5m.

Leakage in pipe air and air pipe connector

Check the whole pipe line and leakage of the connector to ensure the air feed pressure and flow.


2. Tension




the feeding wheel idling or slipping on the steel strip

the slag and dirt block the tooth space of feed wheel#87)

Cleaning the slag and dirt in the feed wheel by steel brush

 abrasion or damage to the tooth of the feed wheel

Replace feed wheel

After pressing tension switch, the compressed air leak from the vent holes from the side of the spool tension

Abrasion to the O ring13*1.9 in the tensile valve core cause the air into the motor too low

Replace the O ring, and butter the piston groove at the same time.

Leakage in air pipe and connector

fracture of the air

replace the air pipe

the pipe thread in the connector loosen

screw its down

Loud exhausting noise

abrasion to the motor vane#19

Replace the vane and check if the vane can slip freely in the rotator groove, the length of the vane should be 0.06mm, shorter than cylinder.

Abnormal noise come from the gear transmission parts

damage and abrasion to the wheel gear

1. Check the damage situation of wheel gear and piston,replace them if necessary.

2. check the damage situation of the wheel, gear and piston in the gear box, replace them if necessary.

the small cylinder doesn’t work when pressuring the strapping switch and the motor don’t move down

Damage and abrasion to O ringΦ38*3.5 or O ring 19*2.4

replace O ring