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TC-1650F-CS Coping Pallet Wrapping Machine with Pre-stretch and top Plate

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  • MODEL:TC-1650F-CS
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Product Introduction

TC-1650F-CS  Coping Pallet Wrapping Machine with Pre-stretch and top Plate

Products Introduction:

This TC-1650F-CS Coping Pallet Wrapping Machine with Pre-stretch and top Plate is specially for some light cargo to avoid the dumping and breaking of goods. Mechanical structure for top plate with big enough range controled by Motor without gas. Will be convenient to processing it anywhere.

This kind of Pallet wrapping Machine is applicated for some bulk cargo shipped by Container or Pallets, Are widely used in industries such as Glassware, Metallic Products, Electricals, Paper products, Ceramic Goods, Chemical Industry, Foods, Homewares, Buliding Materials and so on. It helps a lot to reduce lost and extra labours during transportation by providing high efficient work. And it comes with dustproof, moistureproof, Low packaging cost, advantages ,High class of Pallet Packaging etc.

Technical Parameters:

Model No. TC-1650F-CS
Packaging Size (500-1200)* W (500-1200)mm
Packaging Height 2400/2800mm
Working Efficiency 30-40 pallets/hr
Turntable Speed 0-12 RPM adjustable, Turntable rise and fall slowly
Turntable Specification Diameter 1650mm, Height 78mm
Max Loading Weight 2000kg
Formwork System Pre-stretch system with 250%, Automatic Feeding and Frequency Control
Elevator Column Doubel Chain Structure,Rise and Fall Speed Adjustable 
Control System PLC Control, Wrapping times adjustable,Turntable Automatic reset, Auto sensing system for Cargo Height
Machine Weight 600kg
Machine Size L 2745 * W 1650 * H 2625mm
Power 1.5KVA / AC 220V / 50Hz , 1 PH /N/PE


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