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TC-2000FZ Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine for packing line

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  • BRAND:Taole
  • MODEL:TC-2000FZ
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Product Introduction

TC-2000FZ  Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine for packing line

Structure characteristics:

This product adopts Italy technology design, tight structure, beautiful appearance, advanced technology, has passed European safety regulation CE Certificate, and adopts strict machine operation safety protection measure. Meanwhile, in order to operate by nonprofessional users, have adopted measures to reduce the complication degree of operation panel so as to make it easy for operation and simplified. 

Technology characteristics:

1 Motor of control system is driven by specially developed PLC system control transducer, can fulfill programmed control driving structure, and realize stepless speed regulation. This system is stable and reliable, convenient application and maintenance.

2 Can automatically inspect height of packing items and can set packing rounds, can pre-set different packing modes so as to satisfy different packing requirements of different packing items.

3 Accessories of machines is alternative (mainly for different types of film stretching structures), mainly have four types as following:

1) 1FM (mechanical friction drum type)

2) 2FM (electromagnetic separation and reunion friction drum type)

3) 3PRS (fixed pre-extension 1:2 dynamic drum type)

4) 4PS (tension rate 1:1-1:4 adjustable dynamic drum type), for users to choose conveniently.

Tenical Specifications:

Model No. TC-2000FZ
Packaging Size (500-1200)* W (500-1100)mm 
Packaging Height 2400/2800mm
Working Efficiency 30-50 pallets/hr
Turntable Speed 0-15 RPM adjustable, Turntable rise and fall slowly
Turntable Specification Diameter 1800mm, Height 300mm
Max Loading Weight Less Than 2000kg
Driving System  Motor + Chain
Formwork System Pre-stretch system with 250%, Automatic Feeding and Frequency Control
Elevator Column Doubel Chain Structure,Rise and Fall Speed Adjustable 
Control System PLC Control, Wrapping times adjustable,Turntable Automatic reset, Auto sensing system for Cargo Height
Machine Weight 1000kg
Machine Size L 2820 * W 1800 * H 3300mm
Power 0.6-0.8MPa,1000ml/min,3.5KVA/AC 380V / 50Hz , 3 PH /N/PE

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