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TS-5545TBA L type Automatic Shrink Packing Machine

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  • BRAND:Taole
  • MODEL:TS-5545TBA
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Product Introduction

Products Description for TS-5545 TBA L type Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine

It is a fully automatic L sealer,widely used in pipelining work for large quantity package with high work efficiency,installed with pin hole device,adjustable film feeding system and adjustable conveying table,meets different requirements for different products and it has a kissing device for packing the small products.

1.Adopts heat resistant alloy cutter plated Teflon,results in good sealing ,without melting the film and any smoke pollution.

2.Assembles one horizontal and one erect sensor for the entrance to the sealer it is easy to switch over ,even for some thin products,it is also easy to pack them.

3.The length of film feeding,controlled by magic eye and counter,also fixes an inductive motor for collecting wasted film automatically.

4.When pack different sizes of products ,it is simple to adjust,need not to exchange any molds or any bag making device.

5.To pack different size of products together for sales promotion effect.

6.Adopts OMRON digital temperature controller with PID function,sealing temperature is extremely sensititive and accurate,can set temperature optionally ,the cutter itself has a protective function,avoid from damage the products.

7.The machine fixes an organic safty glass cover,with alarm function,so that the operator is safe.

8.The machine can be connected with the production line, which is no need additional operators.


Model TS-5545TBA
Power 1.3 Kw
Machine Size L1665 * W 850  * H 1380 mm
Max.Sealing Size L 550 * W 450 mm
Max.Packing Size L 550 * W 450 * H 120mm
Working Efficiency 1500- 1800 pcs/hr
Air Pressure  5.5kg/ CM2 ( 80 PSI)
Machine Weight 125 KG

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