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TC-1200 Pallet Wrapping Machine

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  • MODEL:TC-1200
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Product Introduction

TC-1200 Pallet  Wrapping Machine


This machine majory takes wrapping film, non-woven fabrics, composite paper, etc. as packing materials, and do wrapping packing to circle products, like metal strap, bearing, gasket, tyre, plastic tube, cable, etc.

Basic characteristics:

Controlled by PLC programmed controller, slip ring and frequency conversion control.

Can adjust packing degree of overlap according to packing requirement.

Stable movement, accurate location, photoelectric sensing, automatically reset of film shelf.

Technical requirements:

Packing exteral diameter: 500-1200mm

Packing interior diameter: 300-1000mm

Ring velocity: 60-85r/min

Working speed: about 45-60s/pcs

Power: AC380V three-phase four-wire

Slip ring motor power: 1.1kw

Working surface: horizontal or gradient

External size: L1550*W1250*H1300

Weight: about 1000kgs

Type: TC-2100B

Description of wide film shelf:

1. Should use corresponding wide wrapping film when choosing wide film shelf.

2. No spiral overlap when wrapping products with wide wrapping film, thus improves stability and integrity.

3. Wrapping speed improves two to four times.

4. Costs of packing material save about 30%.

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