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TC-01 Airport Luggage Baggage Wrapping Machine

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  • BRAND:Taole
  • MODEL:TC-01
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Product Introduction

Products Description for Airport Luggage /Baggage Wrapping Machine

This Luggage Wrapping Machine is specially designed for Airport, Station for luggage wrapping In order to avoid any damage during transportation.Easy processing. People could adjust the vertical Member accordingly to the luggage size, Put the Baggage on the Table, Then process according to the operatio panel, Set up the parameters for Automatic Wrapping. Manual Film cutting after wrapping .

Technical Parameters:

Model No. TC-01
Packaging Size (400-1200)* W (180-400) * H (300-600)mm
Machine Size 1595 * 600* 1194 mm(L*W*H)
1.0 KVA /AC 220V / 50Hz, 1 PH /N /PE
Working Efficiency 20-40 pallets/hr
Machine Weight 200kg
Formwork System Pre-stretch system with 250%, Automatic Feeding and Frequency Control

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